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Weird looking
Ok, so maybe I am not with the new style of Jeeps,
or maybe I am stuck on the Idea, that a Real Jeep is doesnt have air bags, or a computer odometer , like our YJS and CJs
But you must have to admit that these Jeeps are STUPID looking and too much of a change to the style of Jeep that Im sure every Jeeper loves. I have many questions about these Jeeps that i would like someone to answer for me.
What do you think?
 This is Jeep's new Dakar, what happened to the "J"?
Will they call it a "DJ"? And what is with the 4 doors?, Is it a Cherokee?
Looks like a Range Rover to me, is that the look they are going for?
Ok on to the next one.
 Ok,......Now this one takes the cake!, Low profile tires, and by the looks of them, they probably dont have any air in them.  Dont get me started on the rims.  And what the hell is with all of the plastic!, give me that Jeep for one day, and we will see when  Mr. Plastic meets Mr.Tree.
And why did they put ROUND Lights on both of these Jeeps?
Round lights are for the CJs and earlier, Rectangle lights are for the YJs
Pick a different shape! Maybe triangle, it would suit it I think.
The only thing that these Jeeps have going for them is the Ol Jeep® symbol in them, or did they change that too? Maybe made the symbol out of teflon or something like that.
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heh, heh, heh, watch the little guySorry Zuki, but this one is too easy